This patented protected technology offers second-to-none rust protection currently available.


VCI Gunsoc colors and packagingimagesGunSocHandgun1

The VCI Gunsoc material is made of a special blend of polyester and cotton created to provide a soft
safe housing for your gun, hold the impregnated VCI material, and also to help wick away moisture from
your gun.  This durable fabric is wide and stretches easily to fit over almost any scope.

VCI Gunsoc is available for rifles and handguns. It comes is 5 different colors to choose from.

The rifle/ shotgun version of our VCI Gunsoc come in the universal size and length of 52 inches. 

How to use VCI Gunsoc:

 The best way to use the VCi gunsoc is to keep it covering your firearm anytime it is not in use;
going to and from the hunt, and also while in storage.

It is considered an enclosed case in most states, thus making it very convenient for people who don’t
 want to haul around a large hard case.  They can just stick the VCI Gunsoc right in their pocket.

It also works well as a layer of protection before putting your firearm inside of a hard case.  
Hard cases generally have foam that traps moisture inside of the case and against your gun.  In the time
it takes for you to get home from the hunt, the moisture can already begin to create noticeable effects
on your gun. 

Bringing your gun from a cool environment to a the warm setting of your home will create condensation
on any metal surface.  By keeping the VCI Gunsoc on your gun it will protect the metal surface and trigger
mechanisms as the water is wicked away and dried up without ever having a chance to react to your gun.

When storing your firearm, the VCI Gunsoc not only protects the gun that is encased inside, it will also
offer some anti rust assistance to the guns that are in close proximity to it.  

We recommend that you use a VCI Gunsoc for every gun that is of value to you.

It will protect your gun on a molecular level from moisture and oxygen for at least 3 years.