About Us


Gunsoc was created to be a solution for hunters and gun owners, to protect their
firearm investments against the volatile elements while preventing nicks and
scratches at the same time.  Our VCI Gunsoc is a patented technology that prevents
water and condensation from corroding your gun.  It protects both the inside and out.

We understand that there is a special relationship between a man and his gun.
This holds true in both the monetary value as well as the sentimental value of his
firearm.  With the VCI Gunsoc you can rest assured that your firearm will fire safe,
smooth and accurate, and also look fresh and clean for generations to come. 


Gunsoc is a privately held company.
Gunsoc is a subsidiary of IMS Inc.
Providing the firearms industry for 10 years
First to provide Gun socks with VCI
Lifetime member of the NRA